Sex-wise, how healthy are you?

Reclaim sexual health

This is not something you would normally do when you check in for your annual medical exam. It might still be a tad embarrassing for you. No matter how modern in your ways you are, you, like a great deal many men out there, are not open to talking so openly about your sexual health. And yet you should. Reclaim sexual health if you are in a committed relationship or married. Your sexual health matters. Not just to you but to your better half as well. And every wonder why she is often referred to as your better half?

Could this have anything to do with your lack of sexual prowess perhaps. And your inability to communicate with her, and others, about your inadequacies. There can be nothing better than talking to help solve long-term problems, physical and emotional. Physical and emotional is apt here because this is what sexual health, or the lack of it, is all about. In order to have that sexual health, you need to tick all boxes positively in pretty much most areas of your physical state of well-being, or the current lack of it.

Emotionally, all roads may well lead to a lack of sexual health when you are in an emotional state of disarray. You are disillusioned and are prone to throwing in the towel. You are in the throes of giving up on your manhood. It seems extreme but this is what it feels like to you. And yet, even if you could not talk to your spouse or GP about this problem of yours, you are still aware of it. Reclaiming your sexual health starts with you.

And you can do this by addressing the basics of your current state of overall physical health, or the lack of it.

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