Fun Facts About Lip Fillers

If you dream of plumped out, full and sexy lips, a lip injection procedure is worth your consideration. Many women use lip fillers Catonsville MD to achieve those lush lips that make them feel sexy and beautiful and that attract plenty of attention. If you’re ready to join the crowd, there are a few fun facts about lip fillers that you might want to know.

Immediate Results

Cosmetic treatments for lip plumping take days or more to show results. When a filler is used, the results are immediate. If there’s a big event tonight, get fillers this morning and look your best.

Side Effects

Although you won’t require downtime after a lip filler procedure, you would expect minor bruising and swelling at the injection site. A bit of makeup will cover up any discolorations and ice also minimizes the swelling.

It isn’t One Size Fits All

Customized results are enjoyed by patients who use lip fillers. No two women want the same size, shape, or look, so make sure you look for inspiration in magazines, from celebs, etc. so you get the results that you want.

The Results aren’t Permanent

It’d be nice if the results of lip fillers were permanent but sadly, it’s only temporary. Fortunately you can always schedule service when you want to re-plump the lips. You can expect the results to last for four to six months before another service is needed.

Lip Filler Costs

lip fillers Catonsville MD

Costs of fillers are less expensive than other options like surgery. However, the actual amount that you’ll pay for service varies depending on factors such as the time of the year, the surgeon that you use, the type of augmentation used, etc. Compare options to find the best surgeon and prices for the procedure.

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