8 Reasons to Go to the Dentist Twice Each Year

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends two visits to the dentist every year. These dental visits ensure that your beautiful smile lasts a lifetime through proper oral care. There are many reasons to make these twice annual visits to the dentist, and eight of them are outlined below. Read this information and schedule an appointment with the broomfield dentist for everyone in the family.

1.    You don’t want dentures and if you fail to go to the dentist as recommended, poor oral health may cause tooth loss.

2.    Dentists offer oral health care tips and advice that ensures adequate, proper care of your teeth and mouth for a long time ahead.

3.    Regular visits to the dentist prevent many common oral health problems, including gum disease and oral cancer. In fact, the dentist screens for oral cancer during your visits.

4.    You only get one shot at a beautiful smile. You’ll live to regret not making those visits.

5.    When you go to the dentist as recommended, it sets the kids up for a lifetime of great oral health care.

6.    Tooth pain is no laughing matter. Count your lucky stars if you’ve never sustained the pain, but don’t risk experiencing it. You’ll reduce the risk of toothaches and tooth pain when maintaining regular dentist visits.

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7.    Do you find yourself trying to hide you smile? Do you smile less often than you should because you are embarrassed by your teeth? The dentist will help resolve many of those problems so you regain your beautiful healthy smile again.

8.    Regular visits to the dentist ensure that your smile is there to stay for a long time to come. If there isn’t a better reason in the world to see the dentist as recommended, I don’t know what is!

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